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Commercial Illustration

Duncan MacGruer's commercial illustration

Creative illustration and graphic design for every industry

This is a grab bag of work for clients in a broad array of fields; science, engineering, architecture, advertising and more. Vector, bitmap and 3D applications were used as well as a smattering of hand drawn elements. 

3D illustration of an electrical power substation

Quality Technology Services. 3D model and illustration of their Richmond, VA electrical substation.

WIndstar Cruise Lines print advertising 3D illustration

Windstar Cruise Lines Illustration for print marketing, in coordination with Zest Creative, Lancashire, UK. Realism in simple compositions can be unforgiving, and requires restraint. The subtleties carry the day, and it can be a bit of a dance deciding what and what not to include.

Architectural illustration of Quality Technology Services data center

Architectural illustration of the Quality Technology Services data center in Suwanee, GA.

stereo camera 3D rendering of the moon

You’ll need 3D glasses to get the full effect. It really works! Great poster concept by the folks at Shore Helical in Red Bank NJ, and a joy to create.

3D models of Des-Case Corporation markets

Selections from a series of 12 industrial product application illustrations for the Des-Case Corporation.

Navy Federal Credit Union branch, Chesapeake, VA.

Rural electrification illustration for 60 Hertz Energy displaying the various components of a remote Alaskan microgrid.

3D marketing illustration of a motorcycle

Based upon the famous Shelby 500GT Mustang (Eleanor), this was a custom manufactured limited edition bike. I designed many of the elements, built the 3D model and generated all of the marketing illustrations.

Museum of Modern Art graphic design.jpg

Museum of Modern Art, New York.
53rd Street LED Ribbon Display Graphic Concepts.

vector map of hydroelectric plant and parkland

Vector site map for hydroelectric plant and surrounding parkland.

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