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"Thermal transport through tailored macroporous ceramic structures" for the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University

Intelligent Illustration for 
Science, Technology & 

Scientific illustrations by Duncan MacGruer

Engage your audience with thoughtfully designed illustration, graphics and branding

My illustration and research figures have illuminated publications and proposals, appeared on the covers of prestigious science and technology journals and contributed to the awarding of millions of dollars in research grants. Collaboration with my academic, government and industrial clients has been the key to that success - our free exchange of ideas and open minded approaches to solutions create a special satisfaction when the final work is successful.

Feel free to contact me to further explore how we may achieve your goals together. If you don't see your needs addressed in the list below, just ask!

• Scientific Illustration

• Research Figures

• Infographics

• Photorealistic Illustration

• Journal Covers

• Graphic Design

• Logo Design/Branding

• Presentation Design

• Data Visualization

• Product Illustration

• Graphical Abstracts

• Commercial Illustration

Cover Art-color.jpg

Cover art (detail) for Advanced Electronic Materials article on Thermoelectric Polymers for the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Journal Covers-980x460.jpg

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Carbon Nanotube reinforcing
a pair of  Helical Polymer Chains.

Scientific Illustration

Scientific Illustration

Cutaway illustrations


Research Figures

Research Figures

Logo design. visual branding.


Science Infographics
commercial illustration

Commercial Illustration

I am proud to have had my work appear in these and other fine journals and publications:

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